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Women applaud Nandi Jubilee Governor Nominee Stephen Sang for appointing woman running mate

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Women have applauded Nandi Jubilee Governor Nominee Stephen Sang for appointing a woman to be his running mate for the August 8 election.

Senator Sang unveiled Moi University don Yulita Mitei as his running mate on Thursday keeping his promise to give the slot to a woman. He opted for Mrs. Mitei due to her experience in leadership at various levels and her academic qualifications. Other factors that led to the appointment included gender and regional balance.

Nandi Women lobby group through Mrs. Janet Rotich said that it was delighting to note that Senator Sang was in the forefront advocating equal opportunities between men and women. They said they are happy that the Senator is committed to empowering women.

“Indeed, Senator Sang is an advocate of gender equality as witnessed in his appointment of a woman among many hopefuls to a key decision-making position. We are delighted to know and be assured that he has appointed a woman to be his running mate. This gives us more power to advocate women’s rights because we have a leader who is championing this,” she said.

“We congratulate Senator Sang on his bold decision. We recognize the efforts of men and women who believe in the cause for gender equality and are bold enough to act on that belief when in a position to do so,” she added.

At the same time, she congratulated Dr. Yulita Mitei for the appointment commending her for the diligent manner she has served at various levels. She said Mrs. Mitei’s clear- minded assessment of issues and humble manner she has carried herself affirms her excellent leadership skills and suitability for the latest appointment.

“In the University, Dr. Yulita Mitei was a unifying factor who upheld the decorum befitting of a leader which earned her the respect of both students and staff,” she said.

“Mrs. Mitei brings to the Nandi political scene, a fresh kind of politics that is mature, rational and anchored on servitude. Nandi women are immensely proud of Mrs. Mitei because she has broken the glass ceiling for women’s attainment of top tier leadership positions in the county government.”

“We wish Mrs. Mitei God’s blessings and infinite wisdom as she takes up her new portfolio and continues to raise the profile of women higher,” she added.

Nandi Youth Christian Association coordinator Ms. Emily Cherop said she was similarly impressed with the pronouncement by Senator Sang advocating equality. She said that that way the Senator recognizes the strength of women in society.

Ms. Cherop added that Nandi was lucky to have a leader who had a heart to champion women’s influence in leadership roles.

“Women have been kept out of leadership by previous administrations. I thank Senator Sang for assuring women that we will be part of his government,” she said.

She urged Nandi residents to cast their ballots for Stephen Sang in the August 8 election.

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