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West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin opposes ‘shoot to kill’ order

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West Pokot County Governor Simon Kachapin has protested the shoot to kill directive by Inspector General of police David Kimaiyo to security officers in Pokot ,Turkana and Baringo counties following the recent bandit attacks in Kapedo that saw three GSU officers lose their lives.

Kachapin slammed the directive saying it was against the constitution terming it as “shocking and against the peoples rights.”

He urged the Inspector General of police to withdraw his directive innocent civilians were going to suffer during the operation.

“The constitution of Kenya guarantees every Kenyan the right to life, freedom and security. These rights are alienable and cannot be violated simply by failure of the police to carry out meaningful investigations and prosecution,” said Kachapin.

Kachapin who spoke to the media at Cheptoch primary school in Sook, blamed the security organs in the region of being only reactive to attacks instead of conducting continuous patrols to arrest bandits along the Pokot ,Turkana border.

“The directive is not only illegal but irresponsible and will lead to further unnecessary deaths an raise tension in the area,” said Kachapin.

The governor said as leaders from the region they will not allow people from their community to suffer at the expense of few bandits who continue terrorizing people.

He called on the security organs to conduct intelligence survey to flush bandits from their hide outs instead of killing innocent residents.

“The government only responds when big problem and it has refused to put police camps along the borders. The government should isolate innocent people from criminals,”he said.

He reiterated that West Pokot leaders were ready to dialogue with leaders from the neighbouring counties.

“We don’t want blame game by some leaders as we need peace for development to be realized, “he said.

On his part Kapenguria member of parliament Samuel Moroto accused the security personnel carrying out the disarmament process of using excessive force and meting violence on innocent locals.

He urged the government to curb human rights abuses against civilians allegedly committed by officers during raids carried out to disarm people in the region.

“Human rights are being violated. It is unfortunate that security officers are burning down houses belonging to innocent people,”he said.

Moroto added that the only way to deal with the suspected perpetrators of such heinous crimes was not through extra-judicial killings.

“It is the mandate of security officers to protect the civilians, not kill them,”added Moroto.

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